Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Logan's Kindergarten Graduation

My baby Logan graduated from Kindergarten today! I can't believe how quickly time is passing! He has grown so much in the past year and I am not ready for 1st grade to begin. Especially since Kindergarten is the fun part... it is all business from here on out.Logan and his class. I absolutely adored his teachers Mrs. Williams and Mrs. Graham! We really lucked out! Logan getting his graduation certificate.

MMMmmmmm.... cake....

So proud of my baby boy!!

Saturday, June 11, 2011


We just got back from Heidelberg tonight. It is such a beautiful city and still one of my favorites! We started off with lunch down in the city before we started our hike up to the castle.

Our view from where we were eating lunch... anticipating our hike straight up.Taking a rest in the outer castle after getting to the top. I remember from being here 16 years ago, a beautiful old castle that was tumbled-down, moss-covered ruins that you could climb all over and explore. What a difference a decade and a half make!! The level of restoration that is going on there is amazing! Unfortunately, this makes some of the grounds off limits, the crowds much larger than I recalled and there is no more "rambling among the ruins." The trade-off is that you really get a feel for what it would have actually looked like and what it would've taken to run this compound because it is enormous! They even have many plays and performances in the courtyard during the summer months. This castle really suffered under multiple bombardments, from the French, from the 30 Years War and even from lightening. It kept being rebuilt and restored.We met a nice family from Ohio who took this picture. Notice how excited Chase is, HAHAHA!!! He had been whining all day. We just thought he was in a bad mood, but as we hiked back to the car, he started running a fever. Poor little guy had been getting sick!!
I just loved this picture of Logan and Reagan on front of the beautiful view!


Behold! The biggest barrel in the world ever to be filled with wine! A lush's dream! It holds 220,000 liters and is made of 130 oak tree trunks. Karl Theodor commissioned it in 1751 and is appropriately named "Big Barrel."