Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Here They Are....

My niece and nephew, Tyler and Brittany, were staying with me for two days and we decided to post what we did for the time they were here in their own words. So here they are: Brittany covered Monday and Tyler took Tuesday. Enjoy!

Chase's Reward By Tyler Botill

What's up people who own computers. This is Tyler writing about our trip to Salt Lake. The whole reason for this was because Chase filled up his bean jar. If you don't know what the bean jar is about, it's like their rewards jar. They get beans if they're good and lose them if they're bad. When they fill up their jars they get a reward. So Chase's reward was to ride on the trains! We again had the buddy system. I was Logan's buddy(most of the time) Brittany was, again, with her Mini-Me(a.k.a. Reagan) and Chase was with me and our Aunt (well Chase's mom but my aunt). But we couldn't just ride trains all day. So after we got off the trains we took a trip to Clark Planetarium! And let me tell you that was cool! First thing we did there was went and saw a cool IMAX movie.....IN 3-D! It was an awesome movie about Bugs. Then we were gonna see another movie at this cool place in there called The Dome Theater. But the movie wasn't till 12:30 so we had to do something while waiting. So we looked around and found some really cool landscape things that looked like the surface of the Moon and Mars. We acted like there was Zero Gravity there and pretended to space jump(as seen in the pictures). Then we found another cool thing. It was a Weather men's Broadcast Station. We all pretended to be weathermen(and weather women). After playing over there for about 20 minutes, we still had time to SPARE!!!! So we found this really cool Ball Machine. It was like a factory, a very mini and cool factory. After looking at that for about 10 minutes(more since Chase and Logan didn't want to leave the Ball Factory) we watched the movie. It was pretty cool. But after that everyone was pooped and ready to go home. So we took the train home and took a long nap. It was a pretty awesome day!


Brittany and her Mini-Me travel to MARS!!!!
Mini Spaceman Logan

The Twin Martians!!!

Reagan's reward by Brittany Botill

it's very hard to push two kids at the same time

This is my first time doing this so i may be kinda bad. We went to Dinosaur park because Reagan filled up her bean jar. Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We had buddy's again i had my mini-me, Tyler at first, Logan wanted to be his buddy but sometimes he was Chase's buddy but chase's buddy was mostly our aunt diane's buddy. There was a lot of bones, it was really cool. They had some skeletons of dinos. Every time we went to a different thing Reagan would always say WOW ,it was funny but after a while it got old. Reagan chose to go here, and there was a T-Rex that made noises and she was scared of it. Whenever it made noises she would cry. We got to pretend to be paleontologist. Then we fed the birds and fishes there was also segulls and they always ate the fishy food so I always throw one really far and the segulls would chase it then i would drop some for the fishy's and duck's. When we had to leave to go to the park chase was really upset. I put Reagan in one swing and Chase in the othere and I pushed chase then pushed reagan. Tyler was playing with logan. Logan was a little ball of energy. He would go from one thing to another so he was disappointed to leave. But when he figured out we were going to get pizza and ice cream at cold stone so he was all better.Reagan filled up her bean jar again and we went to the book store and Reagan got a tinker bell book. I say it was a fun day!

he's happy with his work

Logan is pushing Tyler off by holding on him

giddy up dino